Safety of our big bags improved with the installation of a Mettler Toledo metal detector


SO BAG has chosen to install a metal detector SAFELINE from METTLER TOLEDO. 
Our commitment to a high standard led us to choose a Profile Advantage conveyorised system to control the conductive big bags with and without liner.

Measuring around 110 cm wide by 100-200cm, with a capacity of around 1000kg, FIBC bags complying with the ATEX Type C standard of SO BAG are made of conductive fabric, interwoven of conductive wires that make conventional metal detection difficult.

More than 110,000 bags per year of these types of FIBC are produced at SO BAG, each of which is handmade to ensure a high level of quality.

The production process introduces a risk of metal contamination, for example by broken needles or lost tools. The metal detector plays an essential role in maintaining the company’s reputation for uniform quality and safety.




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