If your company is looking for:
. compliance with standards and legislation;
. guarantee of supply to plants;
. innovation,
. proximity and control of facts on the spot;
. an advanced production tool;
. transparency and trust in its suppliers;
Then SO BAG is here for you

Created in 2012 by Nicolas CHEVALIER, SO BAG is a French SME in the packaging sector
and in particular large flexible bulk containers (big bag / FIBC / Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Located in Burgundy, SO BAG brings together an experienced and passionate team. We have chosen to be close by in order to offer you quick, relevant, innovative and economically competitive answers.

Our mission is to optimize the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your packaging
whatever your sector of activity: agri-food, chemistry, pharmacy, construction, plastics, waste and hazardous materials collection, etc.

Our team of experts accompanies you from the study to the manufacture of big bag tailor-made through the design, prototyping or optimization of your process.

Our services 
You want to

  • Facilitate the reception of your product at your customer
  • Streamline unloading and save time, avoid waste, avoid accidents, preserve the environment, trace your product flows
  • Secure transport to make delivery reliable in time and space
  • Create good reflexes in your employees with packaging designed for them and with them… gestures can be more precise and faster, less painful thanks to a suitable packaging
  • Convey your image as a responsible company by caring about the life of your products beyond from your own structure to waste management

Our commitments

  • Combining competitiveness, performance and security of supply

In addition to our French production, we have selected partners in different production locations. This in order to provide you with the right solution for your business and to provide you with the best quality/ price/ time ratio

  • After-sales service, guaranteed by batch traceability

Our ERP allows us to ensure upstream and downstream traceability; raw materials and finished products are tracked through batch management

  • Implementation assistance

We accompany you in the use of the packaging to perfect the products and the settings of the filling stations

  • Committed to the environment

A problem with recycling your packaging? We will put you in touch with the people who are likely to provide the solution




ZI de la Fiolle
Rue Claude Boucher
71450 Blanzy - France
 +33(0)3 58 41 00 41