Electrostatic hazards

SO BAG has developed specific solutions for packaging and control of electrostatic risks.

We offer you our expertise in the control of electrostatic risks associated with your powders and working environment (ATEX zone - Explosive Atmosphere).

Our team will advise you and meet the regulatory requirements for electrostat (IEC 61340-4-4):

  • type of big bag: insulating (A and B), conductive (C), dissipative (D)
  • and their associations with liners: L1 (conductive), L2 (dissipative), L3 (insulating).

BL3 ™

BL3 ™

  • You work in zone ATEX 21 or 22
  • Your powders have an Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) > 3 mJ

SO BAG innovates and offers you the BL3™, a patented big bag

An economical and simple alternative to big bag type C, the BL3™ does not need to be connected to the ground. Moreover, it is easily recyclable.

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