Agriculture and animal feed

You are looking for a safe solution to package, store and transport your agricultural and animal feed products such as seeds, wheat, oats, barley, corn, peas, flaxseed, feed, animal powders and flours, animal croquettes (cats, dogs, etc.) …

SO BAG offers you tailor-made big bag. They are made of unbreakable woven polypropylene and UV treated.

Let us know your specifications such as food contact ability, moisture sensitivity of your products…


  • your filling system: full opening, skirt, flat top, conical top, spout
  • your emptying system: flat bottom, spout, rosette
  • use: single (safety factor 5/1) or reusable (safety factor 6/1)

We will provide you with the right big bag.

Choose a quadro baffles big bag. The addition of inner panels will allow you to adapt your big bag to the size of your pallet which brings greater security during transport but also excellent storage stability.

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Possible reclamation of your used big bags : no longer send your used big bags to landfill

Your big bags personalized with your logo

Your big bags personalized with your logo

Choose big bags with your image

SO BAG proposes you to customize your big bags with the name, logo, advertising slogan of your company

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