Asbestos and hazardous materials

  • Control the safety of transporting your hazardous materials

Our UN big bags are produced in compliance with European regulatory requirements for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), rail (RID), waterway (DNA), sea (IMDG Code) or air (ICAO-IT).
Send us the UN number of your material: we will check if the use of a big bag is authorized and we will provide you with the model adapted to the regulatory requirements.


  • Special case of asbestos

SO BAG offers solutions for packaging and disposal of hazardous materials such as asbestos. Meeting current European standards, they are subjected to various tests (lifting, falling, overturning, straightening, tearing, stacking) and are certified by the United Nations (big bag UN).

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UN big bag 1m3 for free asbestos waste

UN big bag 1m3 for free asbestos waste

To reliably contain all your materials that can be heavy, sharp, large… our big bags for asbestos are thick and resistant (maximum permissible load 1000 kg).

They are composed of an inner liner made of polyethylene sewn to the closing skirt which thus guarantees tightness and prevents the danger related to the volatility of dusts harmful to the human body.

Rapid identification is ensured thanks to the regulatory printing carried out on two opposite sides in black and red (UN13H3/Y approval).

Your big bags personalized with your logo

Your big bags personalized with your logo

Choose big bags with your image

SO BAG proposes you to customize your big bags with the name, logo, advertising slogan of your company

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