Health and pharmacy

SO BAG assists you in the control of compliance and safety of your therapeutic products as well as in the control of your electrostatic risks.

Our big bags are customized especially for your application and your pharmaceutical and health products : capsule, tablet, active ingredient, drug ...

Following our well-known and recognized experience in the design and manufacture of big bags for the food industry, we offer solutions adapted to the requirements of the health sector, pharmacy and fine chemistry.


  • Control the compliance and safety of your therapeutic products

From the classic to the most technical, our big bags are produced in compliance

  • with the EU and US pharmacopoeia in force
  • with the ICH Q3D directive, which recommends an assessment of the risk associated with the presence of elementary impurities in health products.

Our manufacturing unit is ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certified (Food Safety System Certification):
Our 2 air treatment plants allow our workshop to be in overpressure with control of the atmosphere and air filtration.
Our production is carried out on stainless steel tables.
Our sewing machines are all equipped with ultrasonic thread cutting to secure sewing ends.
Finally, we use a state-of-the-art metal detector (Mettler Toledo) and carry out a final inspection on a light table guaranteeing no physical contamination.

We apply the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method and principles of food safety management as well as good manufacturing practices and operational.

Our team will advise you on the type of big bag and the choice of the inner liner to associate.

You have a wide choice of liners with specific properties (electrostatic, gas barrier, water vapour, controlled atmosphere, etc.): download the table with the properties of the films.


  • Control your electrostatic risks

SO BAG offers its expertise in the control of electrostatic risks associated with your powders and working environment (ATEX zone - Explosive Atmosphere).

Our team will advise you and meet the regulatory requirements for electrostat (IEC 61340-4-4):

  • type of big bag: insulating (A and B), conductive (C), dissipative (D)
  • and their associations with liners: L1 (conductive), L2 (dissipative), L3 (insulating).


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Pre-study and supply of samples
Supply of food certificate of conformity, migration or infrared tests
Development of specific liner

Your big bags personalized with your logo

Your big bags personalized with your logo

Choose big bags with your image

SO BAG proposes you to customize your big bags with the name, logo, advertising slogan of your company

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