Helicopter transport

Aerial work by helicopter imposes the most stringent safety conditions.
Therefore, SO BAG has developed HELINNGO, a new big bag especially suitable for helicopter operations.

HELINNGO is designed and manufactured in France by our team. 

Its approval

  • allows the transport of products up to 1,5 tons and
  • allows reuse of the big bag (safety factor of 8/1) after systematic verification by a competent, trained and authorized person. 

Moreover its inner sizes of 122 x 122 x h.120 cm are suitable for the transport of a whole pallet.

It complies with the new recommendation of the Guide of good practices published in February 2019 by the french OPPBTP (Professional Organization of Prevention in Building and Public Works). 



Big bag for lifting and transporting by helicopter

  • safely one-loop lifting
  • reduced vibrations in flight
  • improved abrasion resistance
  • limited deterioration by the loaded goods (double fabric) and by UV (anti-UV treatment 150 Kly)

Your big bags personalized with your logo

Your big bags personalized with your logo

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