An INNOVATIVE sea container: transport up to 25% more bulk products

Save your storage and transport costs by using a sea container !

A new patented solution developed jointly by SO BAG and Transports Godefroy allows to store and transport up to 25% more products per container, whether it be food powder, pharmaceutical components, minerals or powdery materials for industry in general.


  • A complete and more secure solution

The solution combines a 20- or 40-foot metal sea container with an elastic and very resistant liner fixed inside.
In order to make it safer, the procedures of stuffing and destuffing have been studied.
Therefore, contrary to the systems currently available on the market, this innovative product allows to execute destuffing operations while having the container doors closed. 


  • An innovative and flexible system 

But there is more! Another innovative aspect of the system is its elastic liner that is maintained inside the container by removable fixing loops.
Thanks to this, there is no need for a metal framework, usually indispensable for maintenance of the liner, that constitutes not only an obstacle limiting the opening access but also takes up too much space inside the container.
In addition, our system helps to optimise the volume of the goods being carried while allowing return journey of powder as well as non-granular products. 


  • A response to economic and ecological challenges

The development of our sea container has been achieved thanks to combining SO BAG’s and Transports Godefroy’s know-how. By the way, their leaders have come to a bitter conclusion that until recently sea containers during their return journey were often empty due to the lack of granular content to be transported.
Thanks to multiple prototype tests that we have carried out, our solution is now available on the market. 




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